Screen2Flash 1.2

With its intuitive interface Screen2Flash allows you to create feature rich webcasts in seconds. In a few simple steps you can be running a live flash stream and broadcasting to your online audience anywhere in the world.

Used by many businesses and professionals, Screen2Flash can take your webcasts to the next level. Engage your audience with this smart, slick presentation tool and see the benefits that live flash streaming can bring to your organisation.

No extra hardware is required! With just a camera and a PC running Screen2Flash you can now create live webcasts that were previoulsy only possible with professional grade equipment.

With one click Screen2Flash automatically generates the code required to embed the live streaming player within your website!

Give Screen2Flash a try top see how easy it can be to record and share your desktop!

Here are some key features of "Screen2Flash":

· Capture your whole desktop (or any part of it) and broadcast this as a live video stream in superb high quality.
· What is on the desktop is what is seen by your audience. Screen2Flash also detects and captures the live video and audio feeds from any camera and microphone attached to your PC.
· Switch while live streaming between desktop capture and live camera to create engaging and informative presentations.

· Screen2Flash takes your webcasts beyond simple live video and audio streaming to a whole new level.
· Mix PowerPoint slides with your live video stream or run live software demonstrations. Stream archive video or stream photo slideshows.
· Mix, narrate and webcast any content on your PC. Switch between presenter and presentation.
· Live stream… anything!

· Record your webcast as high quality h.264 flash video - instantly ready for on demand consumption.
· Your finished webcast can be uploaded to your own streaming server, hosted with a streaming provider or uploaded to video sharing sites and be ready to view in minutes.


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